As an official supporters club, we apply to Arsenal for the amount of tickets we think we'll require for each game. We have to apply for tickets up to 10 weeks in advance of a particular match, so to an extent, a certain amount of guesswork is involved such as the current economic situation, the price of tickets especially grade 'A' games such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and believe or not, West Ham. The tickets issued to us are acquired by us submitting silver members numbers to Arsenal. We usually manage to get all the tickets we ask for, though this is not guaranteed, so you can see, the club needs as many silver members to join as possible.

                                                  I AM NOT A CLUB MEMBER, HOW CAN I GET A TICKET?

If you are reading this, then you have internet access. Simply go to the 'join' section on the website, download the membership application form and post it to the address on the form. Once you have sent the form off, you can apply for tickets. Usually, club members can only apply for tickets for themselves, but occasionally, we have some spare tickets and when that happens, we'll inform you via the website. 


The short answer to this question is no. The only exception could be when you are unable to attend a match through for example, sickness. If the ticket is for a match that is being played within a day or so of you notifying us of your problem, and we will struggle to find a member to sell it to and you have someone who would want to go as your replacement, then the chances are we'll agree to that non-member having the ticket.

                                                  I CAN'T GO TO A GAME, WILL I LOSE MY DEPOSIT?

If you fail to attend a match for which you have been allocated a ticket and you do not notify a committee member that cannot go, then you will lose your deposit. Where possible once receiving notification of a member being unable to attend a match, the Committee will try to sell the ticket which we invariably do, so in this case the likelihood of you losing your deposit is remote

                                                        IF I HAVE A QUERY, WHO DO I CONTACT?

You can either email your query to or ring the club info line on 07789 732766 and leave a message.